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Iggy Azalea Sells Her Music For Eight Figures

24 November 2022 | 8:51 am | Mary Varvaris

"I sold a portion of my catalog to who I wanted".

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Iggy Azalea has sold her master recordings and publishing catalog to Domain Capital; a source has told Billboard.

The Fancy rapper has brokered an eight-figure sum deal with her manager Reece Pearson and her attorney Peter Paterno that includes 100% of Azalea's share of her existing discography, including the previously mentioned hit featuring Charli XCX, Black Widow featuring Rita Ora, and Problem featuring Ariana Grande. A clause in the agreement also contains "an additional trigger" for the artist to earn future revenue on the master recordings. 

Her discography includes The New Classic, Surviving the Summer (EP), In My Defense and The End of an Era. Azalea has released music via Virgin EMI and Island Records in the past. She now wholly owns her own record label called Bad Dreams - she's looking for a new distribution deal after previously having Empire distribute her label's music.

Starting in Q1 2023, Azalea will fully own her own masters and publishing on forthcoming music. Regarding the publishing side of things, the Aussie rapper has an administration deal with Sony Music Publishing.

Azalea addressed the deal on Twitter after fans compared her agreement with Taylor Swift's master recordings sale. "Taylor did not profit from that sale," the rapper wrote to a fan. She added, "I sold a portion of my catalog to who I wanted, for an amount that means I don't have to work another day in my life.  

"I love y'all down but the masters conversation is a little beyond most of your understanding of business."

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Another person asked Azalea why she made the sale now, to which the rapper responded, "I have a larger business I want to invest in." We don't know what that venture is yet, but she now has the funds to invest in anything.

She also replied to a fan asking about a future tour: "Not in 2023 cause my back literally needs a break. Lollllll But I'm aiming to drop a project instead!"

Earlier this year, Azalea confirmed that she would return to music. "A year ago I was willing to walk away from music because I was tired of the negative energy it attracted," she said. "But what I’ve learned is that even when I’m minding my business, y’all gonna be negative AND nosey. So if I can’t have peace, neither can you. I’m coming back. Cry about it."

New music from the rapper will follow her 2021 album, The End Of An Era.