I Killed The Prom Queen Released From Malaysian Immigration Centre

17 November 2015 | 11:58 am | Staff Writer

Guitarist confirms they're out.

More I Killed The Prom Queen More I Killed The Prom Queen

After being detained in a Malaysian immigration centre over the weekend, it has been confirmed that Adelaide metalcore band I Killed The Prom Queen have finally been released. 

It was believed the quintet would be kept in the detention centre for up to 14 days due to not having the necessary visas required for their south-east Asia tour, however guitarist Jona Weinhofen, who initially broke the news that the band had been detained, took to his personal Twitter account yet again last night to confirm they had been released. 

In the series of tweets posted by Weinhofen, he addressed speculation that the band had been deported and assured that those rumours were incorrect. 

"A lot of press is stating we were deported. For the record we were released with no action against us & apologized to by DG of immigration," Weinhofen tweeted. 

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Check out the full set of tweets below.