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I Killed The Prom Queen Have Been Detained In A Malaysian Immigration Centre

16 November 2015 | 11:12 am | Staff Writer

This tour isn't having much luck

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Adelaide metalcore outfit I Killed The Prom Queen have been detained in Kuala Lumpur at an immigration detention centre, for not the necessary visas required for their current tour in south-east Asia. 

As ABC reports, the band had played their show in KL on Saturday, 14 November but were detained before they could finish off the six-date run in Solo, Indonesia. 

The band's Jona Weinhofen tweeted on Saturday that they were "waiting to be deported (best case scenario) because the promoter didn't get us visas". He also added that they would possibly be held there from 4 — 14 days.

Fellow Aussie heavy band As Paradise Falls were due to play with I Killed The Prom Queen at their Bangkok show on 11 November, but were unexpectedly struck by tragedy when their guitarist Glen Barrie passed away in his sleep while in Thailand.

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