How AC/DC's 'Back In Black' Inspires Ghost's Music: 'It's So Extremely Genius'

13 March 2019 | 2:18 pm | Neil Griffiths

"They represent such brilliance and determination."

Ghost at Download, Melbourne. Pic by Jay Hynes

Ghost at Download, Melbourne. Pic by Jay Hynes

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Their Grammy-nominated fourth album Prequelle only dropped mid last year but Ghost frontman Tobias Forge is already plotting the band's next step. 

And one of the Swedish rock singer's main inspirations? Australian legends AC/DC's iconic 1980 record, Back In Black

Joining The Music Podcast in support of their Download festival appearances this past weekend, Forge opened up on what's to come for the band. 

"For the last two records, I've said my main inspirations... has been three black albums: [AC/DC's] Back In Black, [Metallica's] The Black Album and the Daft Punk record [Random Access Memories]," Forge said.

"They represent such brilliance and determination."

On Back In Black, Forge said, "A band that completely understands what is needed at this point in your career. 

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"'You just lost your singer, you need to make the biggest record of your career. Not only that, how about one of the biggest records in the entire history of rock?' And they make fucking Back In Black!

"That record sounds like it's just a band jamming, but it's so worked through, it's so smart, it's so extremely genius in all that."

In the episode, Forge also promised Ghost will return to Australia sooner rather than later, having not toured the country in five years prior to this trip.

"I have no idea, but believe me we are working on it," Forge said of an expected return date.

"We have fine-tuned the show since we were here last... there's so much catching up to do."

Listen to the full episode below.