Hot Chip: 'We've Never Had Writer's Block'

6 June 2012 | 11:18 am | Staff Writer

The band plan to be in Australia early January.

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Hot Chip vocalist Alexis Taylor has claimed that he has never suffered from writer's block, and has a few tips for those who have, ahead of the release of the band's fifth album.

He made the claim speaking to Inpress' Bryget Chrisfield for today's issue.

"Not so far," he said when posed the question. "Maybe sometimes people suffer from that when they're really actively trying to sit down and write music or something. I tend to let the ideas come to me a bit more, kind of of their own free will. I do work on music most days, but I don't necessarily work on it in a strict sense.

"Sometimes it's just things coming into my head and I'm sort of thinking about whether they're worth dealing with or not. I'm not always at the computer every day, I tend to let the songs drift along in my head and then work on them when they sound like they're gonna be good ones."

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Taylor also confirmed news revealed in other interviews that the band hope to be back early January, so possibly for the New Year's period.

"I think we'll hopefully be back in the beginning of January, around that time we're looking at, at the moment,” he said. “If we can make it, we'll be there."

The band's fifth album In Our Headsis out through Domino Friday 8 June. Read our review here!