Hockey Dad Show Stopped For Band To Enter 14 Day Hotel Quarantine

28 June 2021 | 11:11 am | Staff Writer

"Ever changing goal posts continually keep pressure on artists/venues/crew/promoters/punters..."

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Hockey Dad have released a statement today detailing the abrupt end to their Brisbane show this weekend following Queensland Health directives. 

The Wollongong duo - Billy Fleming and Zach Stephenson - were on stage at the Fortitude Music Hall in Fortitude Valley on Saturday night after finishing their set and were about to walk back out for an encore when they were told by their tour manager that, “Sorry boys. You need to stop now and head into isolation". 

The pair had travelled from Wollongong to Brisbane on Wednesday 23 June and had returned negative COVID tests ahead of the show. On 24 June, the Greater Sydney region was categorised as a hot spot, with a back dated classification to 21 June announced at 6pm on Saturday while Hockey Dad were on-stage. 

Fleming and Stephenson have now been forced to enter a 14 day hotel quarantine stint. 

“The hardest part for me was just being on such a high from the show and dropping to such a low in an instant. We felt amazing as we walked off stage. We really felt like we had pulled off something special. Despite all odds we were finally playing these shows after over a year’s worth of postponement," said Fleming. 

"As the crowd started yelling for us to jump back on for an encore, we got the tap on the shoulder and were escorted away from the stage to receive the bad news. Everything was going so well up until that point. We did everything by the book. And it all just fell apart so quickly. It was really hard for us to comprehend. And it still is.” 

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"The past week leading up to these shows has been probably the most stressful time in my touring history playing in this band," added Stephenson. 

"Ever changing goal posts continually keep pressure on artists/venues/crew/promoters/punters to make sure they are doing everything correctly in accordance to State and Federal guidelines. 

"Just want to say thank you to our entire crew and everyone at the FMH for their support and understanding during this time. Biggest thanks go out to our fans who bought tickets and held them for over a year and still stick with us through these times. 

"Thank you also to the whole Aus music community for your support. The messages we have received already from our peers offering to help out in any way they can has been overwhelming and gives me great hope for the music industry in Aus." 

New dates for the band's remaining Fortitude Music Hall shows are expected to be announced soon. 

Tickets for their upcoming regional run are on sale now, head to theGuide for all the info.