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Hunter Valley's Thrashville Festival Drops Set Times

8 January 2018 | 5:45 pm | Staff Writer

And no clashes!

More Frenzal Rhomb More Frenzal Rhomb

Hold onto your hats because Hunter Valley’s heavy music festival Thrashville has dropped the set times for what’s sure to be a very rowdy weekend.

The normally peaceful valley will be taken over by the likes of Frenzal Rhomb, King Parrot and Frankenbok at the end of January.

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Don’t miss The Mighty Shave as local legend and beard expert, Neil Smith, will make the Thrashville stage his home as he removes his 26-year-old beard in support of REDKITE. Smith has raised over $3000 so far and there will be a massive raffle during the weekend with all proceeds going towards the cause.

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Tickets to Thrashville are on sale now; for more information, head to theGuide.

You can check out the official set times below.