Heading To Face The Music? Here's The Who's Who & What's What

22 November 2017 | 4:10 pm | Staff Writer

Here's what you need to know before Face The Music.

Heading off to Face The Music tomorrow? 

Firstly, lucky you — you'll be getting two packed days of great talks covering everything from artist management to mental health. Here's what you should definitely check out.

White Wash: #OzMusicSoWhite — Why Does The Industry Struggle When It Comes To People Of Colour?

White Wash is set to ask some hard questions, including the biggest one of the panel — "why is the music industry so overwhelmingly white?" Face The Music said they'll be getting down to the nitty gritty, including looking at the challenges performers of colour face, how Australia's history is impacting current Australian music and why racial diversity is just so important.

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Panelists: Monica Tan, Yeo, Kish Lal, Amrita Hepi, Joel Ma

The Manager's Special: A Slice Of Life With Three Of Australia's Leading Artist Managers

There's a whole lot that goes into being an artist manager. From the glamorous to the slightly less so, three of the country's leading artist managers are getting together and spilling their secrets. 

Panelists: Leigh Treweek, Charlotte Abroms, Ellen Kirk, Jim McKinnon

Why Punk?: DIY Guide To Punk Attitude Within Feminism

Why Punk?: DIY Guide To Punk Attitude Within Feminism is setting out to ask their esteemed panelists one big question: how has their punk attitude helped shape a movement and build a community? It's certainly not one to be missed.

Panelists: Jacinta Parsons, Celeste Liddle, Lindy Morrison, Billie Stimple, Jennifer McKechnie, Karina Utomo

In Conversation With Marky Ramone 

A real-life Ramone, yep. There's not really much more to say than that. Marky Ramone will be sharing everything there is to know about his forty-plus year long career. 


We caught up with some of the best in the business before this year's event. Find out how some of this year's speakers got their start and what they think of the industry today…