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EXCLUSIVE: Emerging Melbourne Artist Inks Deals With New World Artists & Teamtrick

29 September 2020 | 8:30 am | Jessica DaleNeil Griffiths

"It’s a huge vote of confidence to have him believe in my music."

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Earlier this year we brought you the premiere of Harper Bloom's second single, and now The Music can exclusively reveal two new deals for the Melbourne-based artist. 

Bloom has announced her signing with Teamtrick's Jim McKinnon for management (Allday, Mallrat) and New World Artists for bookings. 

"I am really excited and grateful for the opportunity to be working with Jim," Bloom told The Music.

"It’s a huge vote of confidence to have him believe in my music. Both New World and Jim look after incredible artists, many that I have looked up to for years, so it feels amazing to be building such an experienced team around me."

"I heard Walk My Way and felt like Harper Bloom just had something special," added McKinnon. "We're super excited to be working with such a talented songwriter and performer."

“We’re thrilled to be booking Harper Bloom, she is an incredible songwriter and storyteller," said New World Artists' Tom Johannesen. "Looking forward to a big 2021!"

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In addition to the news, Bloom has also a brand new single, dubbed You're The Music

You’re The Music is a coming of age story, celebrating two perfect strangers who grow together through life’s many ups and downs and become each other’s point of reference," she said. 

“The song came about because of a line I read in a novel which said, “She was like music”. From that line, I pictured a scene of a couple going back to the same dance floor where they had first met years ago. I then imagined myself, standing there looking at my partner and having a whirlwind of flashbacks of our first meeting and all of the moments which led to her playing such an important role in my life.”

Check out the video below.