Hands Like Houses Respond To Trenton Woodley's Sudden Departure

26 July 2023 | 7:30 pm | Mary Varvaris
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“We have a lot left in the tank, we will share more when we are ready...”

Hands Like Houses

Hands Like Houses (Credit: Micala Austin)

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A day after Hands Like Houses singer Trenton Woodley suddenly revealed he was no longer a member of the group, his bandmates have responded with a social media statement.

“We would like to confirm that we have parted ways with Trenton,” the Instagram post began. “We are incredibly proud of what we all created over the last 14 years, and want to thank him for the countless memories we shared, those will never be taken away.”

Like Woodley’s statement, the band cited “complex” band dynamics. “We can say that we tried everything to make it work,” they added, but claimed that they “could no longer find common ground.”

The band added that they are “genuinely excited” for the future for the first time in years – “We are genuinely excited about writing music together in a positive and productive space.

They ended the statement with the following note: “We have a lot left in the tank, we will share more when we are ready.” You can read the complete statement below.

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We’re not sure what happened between Woodley and Hands Like Houses, but we wish all the band members well in their future musical endeavours. It’s just a shame for fans to watch on as this plays out in real-time, and from what these statements suggest, it doesn’t look like a happy separation between singer and bandmates.

In case you missed Woodley’s initial statement yesterday, here’s the caption to his Instagram post: “It breaks my heart to say it, but my time with Hands Like Houses has come to an unexpected end.

“I'm still sorting through some very mixed emotions, but ultimately I've accepted that there's a future for HLH that I'm not a part of, and wish the band success in however they choose to pursue it. I’ve included some further context for those it matters to. Thank you to all who have made this chapter of my life possible.”

Whatever Hands Like Houses does next will follow Hurricane, the old-school pop-metal track they released in December 2022. We hope to hear Trenton Woodley’s voice again soon.