'Hallelujah': Underoath share second track from new album 'Voyuerist'

5 August 2021 | 1:20 pm | Alex Sievers
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Rejoice: New Underoath album 'Voyuerist' coming in 2022.

New Underoath album, 'Voyuerist,' coming in 2022.

Following the heavy, angry surprise of 'Damn Excuses' just a few weeks ago, Underoath are capitalising on that momentum with another hot new single, 'Hallelujah.' Culled from their self-produced new album, the digital-era self-meditation themed 'Voyuerist' - out January 14th, 2022 (get your vinyl here) - 'Hallelujah' was teased via the band's website recently. Now it's been unleashed in its full glory; a bold new song that feels like a transcendent, hi-fi take on the chaos-driven Underoath formula. Like a dark, distorted veil has been hung over a place of worship as the band self-reflect on finding themselves.

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Once again, with their latest maelstrom of Chris Dudley's synths and Timothy McTague's guitars, Underoath bridges their esteemed post-hardcore and metalcore history with the recent present tone of 2018's 'Erase Me.' The deeper, closer-examined result is an Underoath-branded hymn of sorts, sharing sobering mantras of "Cut the lights, face yourselves. We're not dreaming, this is hell." A large arrangement of various guitar tones (and some 'Define'-era post-metal chord progressions), heavenly moods, big choirs, Aaron and Spencer's voices entwining like its 2006, and sweet middle-eight dynamic turns sees a denser, cooler, and newer iteration of this well-loved group come into view.

This isn't fucking hell, and it's not a BMTH rip-off like some suggest just because it has choral parts. No, this is fucking Underoath evolving in the current year, and it's making me so happy.