Gvrlls Unleash Some Real Blackened Goodness With New Song, ‘ETSA’

25 January 2018 | 12:21 pm | Alex Sievers
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Gvrlls brvngvng thv cvlt gvvds wvth thvvr nvwvst svng.

Gvrlls brvngvng thv cvlt gvvds wvth thvvr nvwvst svng.

Sydney's Gvrlls - pronounced “girls” as an FYI - have today hit back and hard with the release of their mentally good new track, 'ETSA'.

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With the blistering two-and-a-half-minutes of 'ETSA', (which stands for “Exist together//Suffer alone”, a theme summed up very well by the film clip's story), the sound that this noisy blackened hardcore quintet makes it taken to its extreme; condensed down into a short but sweat blackened assault. Think a bit of Trap Them, a bit of Gaza, some Converge, and hints of Deafheaven; all rolled into one.

This ferocious new piece is sharper and heavier sounding than anything else heard from the local group so far, including 2015's record, 'Protect Us From The Ones We Love'. If this new track is any indication as to the sound and quality of Gvrlls' new record will be like, which is supposedly due out in mid-2018, then we're all in for a real treat. Colour me fucking keen!

Do yourself a favour and check out the video for 'ETSA' - recorded mixed and mastered at The Brain Studios by the band's guitarist, Clayton Segelov - below:

Catch Gvrlls at the following shows: 

2nd Feb The Basement (Canberra) W/- Mental Cavity (Ex-I Exist) and No Haven (Melb)

3rd Feb The Hideaway Bar (Sydney) W/- No Haven (Melb) and Tired Minds

10th Feb The Old Bar (Melbourne) W/- No Haven, Judas Wolf, The Orphan