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Great Scott! Antiskeptic Have A New Album And Video

1 July 2014 | 10:30 am | Staff Writer

Why do you keep saying it's heavy? Is there something wrong with the Earth's gravity in 2014?

More Antiskeptic More Antiskeptic

These kids, Marty – something has to be done about these kids!

Melburnian rock stalwarts Antiskeptic are back on the scene after six years away, and have wasted no time at all making themselves known again by announcing the impending release of their forthcoming third LP Stare Down The Ocean and accompanying video for new single Hey Dissident.

With the crowdfunded album out independently on September 19, the video drops with just enough time for old fans to get excited and new fans to acquaint themselves for the first time with a band that once rubbed peer shoulders with the likes of Gyroscope, Kisschasy and Parkway Drive.

For Hey Dissident, the perennial partiers take a page out of Marty McFly's book and go Back To The Future-style to pay homage to the seminal sci-fi comedy (which turns 30 next year). The clip was made with assistance from the fine folks at Robot Army Productions (Bodyjar, House Vs Hurricane), and is a slick, super-fun spacetime story that perfectly complements the single (available now):

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God, it's good to have them back. Stay tuned for more announcements from the band as they shore up their touring options and further singles from the album.