G Flip Marries Their Partner Chrishell Stause

11 May 2023 | 1:18 pm | Mary Varvaris

Congratulations to the happy couple!

(G Flip & Chrishell Stause via Instagram)

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G Flip has married their partner, Selling Sunsets star Chrishell Stause, after dating for a year.

A People report reveals an Instagram reel shared by Strause, with the caption, “Love doesn't always go as planned… Sometimes it's immeasurably better,” with G Flip’s new single, Be Your Man, soundtracking the reel.

G Flip and Stause met on Halloween in 2021 while the pair were still dating other people.

By last May, Stause confirmed that she was in a relationship with the Aussie musician and said on a Selling Sunsets reunion episode: "I recently have been spending a lot of time with someone that's very important to me. Their name is G Flip. They're non-binary, so they go by they/them. They are an extremely talented musician.”

Stause added, "It started because I was just going to be in their video [for Get Me Outta Here]. And it's about this chaotic love story. I come from soaps, I love acting. And with the job that we have, I don't always get to do it. At first of course, I was like yes, let's do that."

G Flip dropped their new single, Be Your Man, with an accompanying music video, this morning. Their first new song for 2023 “is a love song I wrote about me and my partner,” G Flip shared in a statement.

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“Growing up watching fairytale movies, I didn’t fit the typical prince or princess character. As the world has progressed and I’ve grown up, I’ve learned that a lot of love stories don’t look like the stories in movies. True love has nothing to do with gender or external appearance. 

"Although this song was inspired from my own queer perspective, the idea of being ‘not what you planned’ is relatable to anyone that has ever fought for someone to give them a chance at love."

The wonderful music video was directed by Nas Bogado and follows a queer woman who is desperate to live an authentic life in the 1950s.

G Flip added, “The majority of the time when I’m writing songs I can visualize the music video or ‘movie scene’ in my head.

“Because this song is in the time signature  6/8, and some of the production elements were 50s inspired, I knew I wanted the video to be set in the 1950s in a ballroom. Queer balls in the 50s were very underground or completely non-existent. Given the story behind Be Your Man, I wanted to create that 1950s ball scene but make it queer.

“When I was creating the narrative for this visual I was thinking about what my life would have been like in the 1950s. Most likely, I would not have been able to be a rock star, a drummer or openly queer and non-binary…With this video, I wanted to say thank you to women and my queer ancestors who fought so hard to allow me to live my life authentically and publicly as my true self."