Frenzal Rhomb Auctioning Off Test Pressing Of Their New Album

4 April 2023 | 10:57 am | Mary Varvaris
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The test pressings are the only ones in existence...

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Frenzal Rhomb’s first album in six years, The Cup Of Pestilence, is out this Friday, and you can own a test pressing of the record courtesy of lead guitarist Lindsay McDougall.

“You can own an official test pressing, cut at Zenith Records. I've only played it once, at work, to make sure it sounds right, and it sounds RIGHT!,” McDougall teased on Facebook

The auction to win the test pressing, as well as McDougall’s torn guitar strap and a bunch of guitar picks, will send proceeds to charity organisations in support of transgender people, Minus18 and the Illawarra Shoalhaven Gender Alliance.

“Trans and gender-diverse people have been having a crap time lately, and these two organisations are doing excellent work to help good people who just wanna live their lives,” McDougall added.

“So bid now and bid high, the test pressing's heaps rare and those chords charts are THE ONLY ONES IN EXISTENCE! (except Dal [bassist Michael Dallinger] might have some too.)”

Put in your bid for a Frenzal Rhomb test pressing here.

The Cup Of Pestilence was preceded by the raucous single, Where Drug Dealers Take Their Kids.

"It’s been a cold and dark 6 years, but don’t worry, Frenzal Rhomb are back, and they're taking you on a journey," the band wrote on Facebook.

Frenzal Rhomb continued, "So put the child seat in the back of the Hyundai Accent, drop the bottom string down to C# and let’s go to a place where the train line ends, and you have to get a bus, where nu-metal never really died, and where the chatter of happy families is interrupted by the buzz of WhatsApp messages and 'sorry Jaxxon, Daddy has to go talk to those grown-ups for a bit.'"

Throughout its 19 tracks, The Cup Of Pestilence contains song titles spanning from the ominous (I Think My Neighbour Is Trying To Kill Me, Lane Way Dave), enjoying recreational drugs (Dog Tranquiliser, Thought It Was Yoga But It Was Ketamine) and a spin on a Paul Kelly classic (How To Make Gravox). 

Pre-order The Cup Of Pestilence here.

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