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Foo Fighters Take Brutal Direction With New Single

16 February 2022 | 1:57 pm | Staff Writer

Introducing Dream Widow.

Dave Grohl in 'Studio 666'

Dave Grohl in 'Studio 666'

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Foo Fighters have unleashed a new track in anticipation of their quickly approaching horror-comedy, Studio 666.

The single, March Of The Insane, was released until the moniker Dream Widow and sees them channel early thrash metal; a fitting change of direction given the vibe of their upcoming film.

The track’s YouTube description says the single is taken from Dream Widow’s “never released self-titled album”.

The new song and moniker will probably make a lot more sense when Studio 666 opens in Australian cinemas on February 24.

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In other Foo Fighters news, yesterday rumours surfaced that the US rockers were in talks to perform a one-off show in Geelong next month.

At this stage, it’s looking like it would be early March if it happens, but the band’s Australian promoter, Frontier Touring, declined to comment on the rumour and the Herald Sun reports an insider as saying “there is still a lot to be worked through”.