Flaunt Your Superior Musical Taste On The Go With Discogs' Mobile App

7 March 2016 | 2:15 pm | Staff Writer

If you're going to show us baby pictures, we're going to show you our record collection

Revered online music database Discogs has made the move into the mobile marketplace, unveiling its first app for smart devices in the wake of its 15th anniversary back in November.

Per The Line Of Best Fit, the app is available for iOS devices now, and provides users with an easy, on-the-go way to update and share their record collections and wishlists. A particularly useful feature of the app over Discogs' traditional desktop platform is in its photographic recognition — users are able to use their smart device's camera to snap a pic of an album's barcode to easily add it to their lists.

App users are also able to add releases to the Discogs database that do not exist, and buy and sell items on the Discogs marketplace, as well as being able to monitor contributor and order statistics, friends, group and personal activity, recommendatinos, submissions, active orders and new releases from central modules on the dashboard. An ordering function is presently in beta testing, but will be another alluring reason to investigate the Discogs app if you're still on the fence about it.

The collection management on offer is comprehensive, at any rate — users are able to sort by artist, title, label, catalogue number, format, year, rating or age, while the majority of albums boast multiple versions, so if you're a true completuionist, you can be sure to highlight the fact you own the CD and vinyl LP of that ultra-rare collectors' item of which you're so fond. You know the one. Nerd.

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The Discogs app is up on iTunes now. Go get it.