FISHER’s Lynx Ad Is Everything You Wanted It to Be

11 July 2024 | 3:47 pm | Ellie Robinson

“There’s no half-horse-half-DJ you’d rather party with, or smell like.”


FISHER (Unilever )

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FISHER has officially peaked in his career, launching as the new face of Lynx body spray – and his first commercial for the campaign is just as bonkers as you’d expect.

The 30-second spot, promoting the brand’s new Fine Fragrance collection, starts with the Gold Coast producer vogueing for a photoshoot. The cameraman implores FISHER to show off the line’s “exotic accents”, leading him to sensually deliver the line “black vanilla” while his shirt and hat are dramatically blown off him.

From there, FISHER turns into an absolute monster of a man with “endless abs”, and then a notably sassy centaur, before seductively sinking into a pit of quicksand.

Have a look at the ad below:

In a press statement (via Mumbrella), John McKeon – marketing director for Unilever, the parent company of Lynx – said of the FISHER-fronted ad campaign: “The launch marks a new and exciting era for Lynx, where quality and affordability meet to create premium and powerful scents. But we haven’t forgotten our roots – which is why we wanted to launch a bold and tongue-in-cheek campaign headlined by FISHER, one of the country’s most in-demand music talents.”

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The sentiment was expounded on by Hello Social ECD Dan Fryer, who added: “It’s always tricky bringing together big brands and big personalities, so for us, it was about finding the overlap where they could both be at their absurd best. And while FISHER might not be the centaur you’d take into battle, there’s no half-horse-half-DJ you’d rather party with, or smell like.”

Meanwhile, FISHER recently earned a pair of plaques to commemorate his songs going Platinum, reaching the milestone for his 2022 rework of World Hold On by Sinclair and the Kita Alexander-featuring Atmosphere.

It came after he injected $50 million into the Gold Coast’s economy with his sold-out festival Out 2 Lunch. It broke the record for Australia’s biggest-ever beach party, drawing some 30,000 punters to Coolangatta Beach. Throw in the news that FISHER is about to become a dad, and 2024 is shaping up to be his most hectic year on record.