FISHER Receives Two Plaques For Platinum Singles

31 May 2024 | 3:32 pm | Mary Varvaris

"I was honored to present Paul Fisher with two plaques for platinum record sales in Australia."


FISHER (Source: Supplied)

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Aussie DJ FISHER has received two plaques commemorating two of his songs going platinum. The plaques are for his rework of Bob Sinclair’s World Hold On, released in 2022, and Atmosphere, featuring fellow Australian artist Kita Alexander, released last year.

The plaques were presented to FISHER by Aden Mullens, the General Manager of etcetc Music, the record label run in partnership with FISHER.

Mullens shared the good news via LinkedIn yesterday (30 May), writing alongside a series of photos, “After the unbelievable scenes of FISHER's 30,000 person beach party, I was honored to present Paul Fisher with two plaques for platinum record sales in Australia.”

Mullens noted that the achievement was particularly significant as music sales have decreased year-on-year. Mullens continued, “As new music consumption has been decreasing year-on-year, it's an especially significant win for FISHER and our label etcetc Music Pty. Ltd. So much so, that FISHER was the only Australian independent artist to release a single in 2023 to reach platinum sales [aside from Kylie Minogue, who went Platinum with Padam Padam].

“That's a great stat, but really does highlight the lack of opportunities for new music to reach a meaningful breakthrough point.

“Every release has a new challenge and sometimes the harder they are, the more fulfilling the result. Proud to be delivering big results for Australian artists.”

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FISHER receiving two platinum plaques isn’t the Aussie DJ’s only recent achievement.

As The Music and Purple Sneakers reported earlier this month, FISHER’s inaugural music festival, Out 2 Lunch, injected over $50 million into the Gold Coast economy.

30,000 fans sold out the event in minutes, and with interstate travellers (maybe even some visitors from New Zealand) heading to the exclusive Gold Coast event, accommodation was sold out across the Gold Coast.

In addition to selling out local accommodation, Out 2 Lunch allowed more than 200 businesses to participate in the event's planning and delivery, and TEG Live created over 2,000 jobs to bring the festival to life.

Following the festival’s successful run, FISHER said, “That was so special… honestly one of the best days of my life … 30,000 of us going mad on the beach in my hometown!!!!! This is what dreams are made of. Thank you so much for being a part of it.”