Fatman Scoop Invites Scott Morrison To R&B Fridays Following ‘Terrible’ Meme

15 September 2018 | 11:24 am | Staff Writer

The PM is “definitely keen for R&B Fridays”.

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While fans, politicians and bystanders remain conflicted about Scott Morrison’s meme fail earlier this week, it seems the artist at the centre of the controversy, Fatman Scoop, is “humbled” to have been included in the Prime Minister's post.

Earlier this week, Morrison posted a video to Twitter which featured Coalition MPs raising their hands in unison to Fatman Scoop's track Be Faithful; a post many labelled as terrible before the PM deleted it.

“I am humbled to have my voice rocking in the highest offices of the Australian Government,” the American rapper said on Instagram.

“As an American, I have to be APOLITICAL because I don't know the politics, but I can say this: It’s a humbling experience to be recognized by a high official (either Scott or his people thought of me).”

Commenting on the fact that Morrison removed the post shortly after sharing it (although not being it was grabbed by users and shared like crazy), Fatman Scoop said it’s “a fun PARTY SONG that has no NEGATIVITY or HARM in it”.

“I also thought it was an attempt to reach out to a younger audience.

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“As well as the fact that when my song was really ROCKING Scott was probably in the CLUBS!”

Fatman Scoop has extended an invitation to Scott Morrison to attend R&B Fridays this November to dance, watch him perform and “discuss politics” backstage.

Morrison has since responded and said he is “definitely keen for R&B Fridays”.