Fans Worry About Strokes' Tour Behaviour Ahead Of Splendour Headline Slot

11 July 2022 | 11:45 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

"Sounds overdramatic but I think we just witnessed the end of The Strokes."

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A pair of incidents have made headlines this week about seminal band the Strokes' behaviour on tour, causing fans to worry about the mental wellbeing of the band. 

Fans of the band expressed concerns over their frontman Julian Casablancas' well-being after his performance at Scotland's TRNSMT Festival.

Fans have claimed that the singer was heavily intoxicated while on stage and described the behaviour as "worrying" and requiring an "intervention."

The main signal of the poor behaviour or alleged intoxication was his interaction and distain for the crowd saying he preferred "Barrowlands" and described them as the "Glasgow Children's Choir."

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Casablancas also face criticism following their performance at Roskilde Festival, which saw the band perform an hour behind schedule and featured “lots of erratic and endless banter from Casablancas”.

In a now deleted Instagram post, the frontman responded to the rumours of being intoxicated on stage. 

“I’m not tuned into Twitter things enough to know what some confused fan thinks or pretends they know, but I’m fine… far as I know … people been asking me weiiird questionnns – ahh the dumb side of social media… Lame-Os running around so hard and free."

Many fans also noticed poor behaviour at their show on Friday the 8th of July in Lytham, where Casablancas' brought a fan on stage for a long portion of the set. 

After the woman entered the stage, he ran off stage and said that he was going to "gonna do some blow," and made her perform all six minutes of Ode To The Mets.

The Strokes will headline Saturday the 23rd of July at Splendour In The Grass.