Fans' Fury As Cranberries Cancel Last Minute

25 March 2012 | 12:09 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

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An announcement over speakers told fans of The Cranberries' cancellation last night – 15 minutes before they were due to perform.

Irish rock veterans The Cranberries had been due to play Sydney's Enmore Theatre last night but cancelled 15 minutes before they were due to play. In a statement today the band claim food poisoning kept frontwoman Dolores O'Riordan from performing.

Fans at the venue, who had watched support act Bonjah and were waiting for the headliners, were notified through the venue's loudspeakers that the band would not be performing.

Fans took to social networking platforms to berate the handling of the situation.

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“Most of us who were at the Enmore show last night have a sad story to tell,” posted Nikki McNally on Facebook. “The hardest part of my story isn't the fact that we waited outside the venue from 1.30pm, on my birthday, to ensure we would have the perfect spot in front of the stage.

“Or the fact that I've waited 14 years to see The Cranberries headline and I still don't know how I'm going to make it to the Monday show. The hardest part by far is the way in which we were told. It sounded like a joke at first!”

The band and venue have rescheduled the show to Monday 26 March, with refunds available from point of purchase for those who can't make the new show.

Incensed fan Jordan Shears also posted on their Facebook wall, questioning why fans were made wait until last minute – after spending two hours buying drinks and listening to the support act – before being informed.

He said, “Your reschedule means that [punters from interstate] will not only miss the show, but also lose a couple of hundred dollars in flights and accommodation. Postponing is understandable in some cases. We really liked you guys! Cancelling ten minutes after you're due to appear on stage without a valid reason is a dirty way to operate. Even with a refund, you lost every fan I spoke to tonight.”

The band's statement today read, “We want to apologise for tonight's last minute cancellation at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. It was unavoidable, and we're very sorry. Dolores is suffering from food poisoning and was unable to perform. Right up to the last minute we were hoping the show might be able to go ahead, but Dolores was just too unwell.

“We know you're all very disappointed and this has been a huge inconvenience for you. Hopefully most of you can make the re-scheduled show. Once again, we're very, very sorry.”