Falls Festival Says Splendour Has Set The Bar In 2012

20 August 2012 | 3:14 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

Simon Daly reacts to the quick sell-out of Lorne

Falls crowd by Zak Kaczmarek

Falls crowd by Zak Kaczmarek

The Lorne Victorian leg of this year's Falls Festival has sold out for the event's tenth anniversary. And as Festival Director Simon Daly expects the Tasmanian leg in Marion Bay to follow suit he says Splendour In The Grass has set the bar this year.

Commenting to theMusic.com.au Daly said that he was seeing positive signs for the 2012/13 season after the doom and gloom of 11/12.

"Splendour made a great return to form earlier this year and Lorne has always sold out pretty quickly," he said, "we probably haven't had enough festivals on sale yet to really gauge the health of the festivals. But the early signs seem to be way more positive."

He added, "You can never be sure in this current climate that anything will sell out, let alone sell out fast, so we were really rapt that Lorne was able to sell out quickly."

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But now that Lorne has sold out, he expects Marion Bay to do the same.

"Marion Bay always sells out too, but she tends to take a month or two longer to go. Being the tenth anniversary it may go a touch earlier this time around."

Airlines are believed to have put on 1,700 more seats during the period this year, which should bring the price down for mainland visitors this year.

Today the festival made it's latest line-up announcement. Head here for out dedicated festival mini-sites: Lorne. Marion Bay.