EXCLUSIVE: New Aus Digital Music Service To Shake Up Independent Music Distribution

20 June 2018 | 6:30 am | Staff Writer

Say hello to GYROstream.

Andy Irvine and Viv Mellish

Andy Irvine and Viv Mellish

Australia has just scored a new digital music distribution company, with GYROstream looking to change the game while making things simple for independent musicians.

An acronym for Get Your Record Out, GYRO is run by Andy Irvine and will offer unique artist services at a globally competitive price, helping indie acts from Australia and New Zealand with vinyl production, sync, publicity, grant writing, entertainment insurance and more, while helping put local music onto streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music.

Irvine has previously honed his craft at Universal Music, Dew Process and Create Control.

"Our developers having been working overtime for months getting the site up to scratch, and it's a huge honour to finally introduce it to Aussie musicians," Irvine said. 

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"I am particularly excited about the fact we have a low-cost, homegrown digital distribution solution for all independent artists and labels, and so many supplementary support services available in the one place for them.”

GYROstream Marketing Manager Viv Mellish will oversee the company’s key artist promotion service GYRO PR, which includes playlist promotion and publicity.

"We know for an artist, seeing their first ever upload hit those first few thousands streams means a lot,” Mellish said.

“Our aim is to really equip independent artists with the most up to date tools and practices available."

"We've already secured some really exciting artists on the PR front and I'm so excited to see what we can achieve by combining our playlist promotion services to pitch both nationally and internationally."

Check out the GYROstream website for all the details.