EXCLUSIVE: Go Backstage With Adrian Eagle On "Unforgettable" Eminem Tour

5 March 2019 | 11:13 am | Staff Writer

"Every show was equally as amazing and memorable."

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Eminem's record-breaking tour of Australia and New Zealand has come to an end, but in this exclusive tour diary you can relive the magic.

Adrian Eagle, who featured as a special guest in Hilltop Hoods' supporting set at all of the shows, takes us backstage on what will go down as one of the biggest Australian tours of the year. 

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Special guesting with Hilltop for this Eminem tour was an amazing unforgettable time. Felt like a dream within a dream as I grew up with both of them. To grace the stage with the Hoods is always an honour yet alone during a week singing to 300,000-plus people over five shows is a blessing I am grateful for. Hilltop Hoods is such a beautiful family and I feel so grateful and inspired daily to be performing with them.

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Brisbane was a big vibe, as for any notes that were different from the rest, there were wild native animals from Australia Zoo backstage. And this is when I realised how good catering was gonna be on this tour. As for the show, it was epic and the boys shut it down as always. My ride or die supporters who were in the audience on this tour hit me up on socials were proud and did not expect to see me come out. Every show was equally as amazing and memorable.

This show felt great. I had my big red hoodie on at ANZ Stadium, felt the spirit and it was such an amazing crowd to be called out to sing with Hilltop. Everyone was ready to party and the entire sea of people in front of us was a pure great energy. This set felt perfect on stage and the sound was amazing. Not only was it a special day to be performing with the Hoods here, it was also the Hoods album release day! Their sixth #1 album The Great Expanse dropped and we were all buzzing - celebration was in the air - it was a release day for me as well of sorts! Not only was I thankful to be on the Hoods album but my latest single AOK hit the airwaves.

Felt like Wrestlemania, set a new MCG artist record at 80,700 people all excited and wild. At the other shows, by the time Hilltop hit the stage, the sun had set, for this one it was still light so all of the 80,000-plus heads were visible and it made for an amazing sight on stage and the crowd did feel a lot bigger in width. It was a blessing and a beautiful life moment sharing the stage with Hilltop on this night. All of the Hoods family members were here as well, which always makes backstage a nice family vibe with all the kids running around! It was amazing to come out and perform two songs with the Hoods at the “G” and something I will always remember every time I see or hear of this epic venue.

Amazing venue, again felt like the Wrestlemania buzz around the crowd and epic. I was grateful to step foot on that stage again with the kings and hear my day one's surprised and cheering loudly when I came out. The weather came out beautiful for the whole tour but Perth was like a tropical breeze that day. Trees blowing and the sun shining. Catering was next level here too. A good time and the last show for Eminem and HTH together in Aus. We caught up with Drapht, Complete, Shadow and other Perth legends this night too.

Wellington - Westpac Stadium

Feel blessed to be international again with the Hoods and my first time in Wellington. Way more beautiful than I even imagined driving through, even from the plane ride in, so nice. By now all of the crews from Em, to Royce, Boogie & HTH were all familiar and love always shown - such an amazing week all around the country and now to be in NZ is such a beautiful place to end it. We started the tour with the Hoods releasing their album and here we are ending it with HTH receiving the news that their new album has officially gone #1 in Australia! Knocking Ariana Grande for their sixth number one album! Big love, big work, big brother talks and big celebration for these legends, I love the whole crew, the whole HTH family - grateful to special guest for my idols. An honour.