EXCLUSIVE: Check Out The Brand New Track From Chicks On Speed

16 October 2019 | 8:47 am | Jessica Dale

Ahead of its release.

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The iconic Chicks On Speed are back with brand new music today, premiering the track exclusively with The Music

Titled Arctic Rabbit, the track is an update on Jefferson Airplane's classic White Rabbit and is released ahead of Chicks On Speed's I'll Be Your Body Instrument performance at this weekend's Liveworks Festival Of Experimental Art in Sydney.

"I'll Be Your Body Instrument is about performance, technology, fashion, action! This is a brand new bespoke show made especially for Liveworks," said the band's Alex Murray Leslie and Melissa Logan of the track.

"We’re going into a spectrum of the body - we’re thinking and listening, going into the brain, the heart and the muscles. 

"We’re using the body as sound, and thinking about the body as activism - the bodies together, how they change the world, and how they can be used as a human shield. At the core of the work is the freedom to freak out, invent, disrupt and hang out."

The appearance will see Murray Leslie and Logan collaborate with local composer Cat Hope, and performers Eugene Choi, Sonya Holowell, Tina Havelock Stevens, Steven Alyian and Ivey Wawn to "compose an infinity of combinations of choreographed, audiovisual flow states whilst performing on a new series of devices created from cross trainers".

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Check out Arctic Rabbit below. For more info on Liveworks Festival Of Experimental Art, head to theGuide and find out more about Chicks On Speed here.