EXCLUSIVE: Belle Haven - 'I Can't Find The Words' Piano Version

23 March 2023 | 11:00 am | Mary Varvaris
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To celebrate the exclusive, we caught up with the Belle Haven vocalist for a little Q&A about this new version of what will surely become a fan favourite.

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Belle Haven is David De La Hoz, Tom Mitchell and Daniel Marinakis

Belle Haven are no newcomers to the local metal scene. The Melbourne band was formed in 2010 and has toured alongside Creeper, Dance Gavin Dance, Silverstein and In Hearts Wake, amongst others. The beloved band deliver searing tunes, unforgettable live performances and a boundless ability to capture life's experiences with effortless charm. 

Last month, Belle Haven released the emo banger, I Can’t Find The Words. The original version’s anthemic nature and subject matter capture the emotional turmoil of the end of a relationship. The feelings of regret, shame, reflection, forgiveness and the struggle to put those feelings into words are the main elements of Belle Haven's latest.

Today, Kill Your Stereo shares an exclusive clip of vocalist David De La Hoz performing a piano version of I Can’t Find The Words, and it is stunning. Recorded in a cosy little studio video surrounded by candles and bathed in mood lighting, De La Hoz gives listeners a beautiful listening experience that, when stripped back like this, his vocal and storytelling abilities truly shine.

To celebrate the exclusive, we caught up with the Belle Haven vocalist for a little Q&A about this new version of what will surely become a fan favourite.

What made you choose to re-record a piano version of 'I Can't Find The Words'?
"It was an idea I had very early on, it might have even been during the writing process for the song, to be honest.  I told Mara and Tom I felt it would transpose really well to the piano, and we all got really hyped about making a lovely live studio vibe video out of it."

How has the response been to your new tune so far?
"So generously positive. We received many kind words about it from fans across the tour we just completed with Banks Arcade. In hindsight, the song came out a mere two days prior to the tour commencing, so to have people singing the song back to us after just a couple of days was pretty unreal. Not to mention the Melbourne show… I didn’t even need to sing; the audience had me fully covered."

Do you have any favourite 'stripped down' versions of songs from other artists?
"Where do I even start? If you’ve heard of Tiny Desk Concert, that’s like the home of some of the best stripped-down live jams. There’s also a live acoustic style My Chemical Romance set on their YouTube that I love to watch from time to time, Helena is my favourite performance from that set for sure. Or the This is Gospel Panic! At The Disco piano version. That video was really damn cool too."

What do you have coming up for the rest of the year? 
"We’re playing a free entry show in Melbourne on April 1st (not a prank I promise) in (belated) celebration of the release of I Can’t Find The Words. After that, we’re joining Redhook on their Australian tour in May. You’ll hear new music from Belle Haven prior to that though…"

Check out Belle Haven’s I Can’t Find The Words (Piano Version) below.