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Ex-Spacey Jane Bassist Amelia Murray On Why She Left The Band

23 February 2023 | 9:10 am | Mary Varvaris

Amelia Murray never expected the massive success of Spacey Jane.

(Source: Scenestr)

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Amelia Murray slung on a bass guitar for Spacey Jane in 2016 while she was studying medicine at university. 

In a new interview with the ABC, the former bass guitar player reveals that at first, playing in the band "was just like a fun hobby that we all had," never expecting Spacey Jane to blow up in popularity the way they have.

Booster Seat, the #2 track on triple j's Hottest 100 in 2020, featured all five members of Spacey Jane, including the band's present bass player, Peppa Lane. "I really like that song because all five of us are on it, so Peppa, who's the bass player, now sings the vocals, and I play the bass, so it's one of the few songs that have all five of us on it," Murray recalled to the ABC.

Touring also began to take its toll, with Murray feeling uncomfortable within the party scene and realising that she loved her studies at university.

In July 2019, the band announced that Murray was no longer in the group.

As Spacey Jane wrote on social media at the time, Murray departed the band for "a career in medicine and sexual health education/advocacy." The band dubbed her the "best bassist from Tincurrin (ever)" and promised a "bloody awesome send-off."

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In a The Music cover story, vocalist Caleb Harper and drummer Kieran Lama discussed the creation of the group's latest album, Here Comes Everybody. "I think what impacted the writing process more than anything, or like the pressure we felt, was probably the fact that we knew it was going to be the second record," Lama said. 

"The first record, I remember being nervous about it - it was just exciting. It didn't feel like as much was at stake in some senses. But with writing for Here Comes Everybody, it was definitely a lot more like, ‘Okay, people expect something after you've done your first album.’"