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Ex-Heroes For Hire Frontman Forms New Band, Releases Song

17 May 2013 | 9:00 am | Alex Wilson

Brad Smith moves on with pop-punkers Cambridge

More Cambridge More Cambridge

Former Heroes for Hire frontman Brad Smith has returned to the scene with a new band, Cambridge, who have just premiered their first song, Catalina Wine Mixer.

It was only back in March that Smith was booted from his former gig with the Sydney pop-punk mainstays, but he's wasted no time wallowing, bouncing back hard with this new track.

Fans of the singer's previous work should find plenty to like here; his new band is tight and the songwriting is concise and hooky. Yeah, the lyrics are about a girl - no big surprises there - but Catalina Wine Mixer boasts an infectiously sugar-coated chorus and the kind of songwriting smarts that prove Smith doesn't need his former band to deliver the goods.

You can check out the song on Cambridge's Facebook page.

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