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Behind The Scenes Of Eves Karydas’ ‘Get Me So High’ Music Video

24 November 2020 | 7:41 pm | Eves Karydas

Things get messy in Aussie singer-songwriter Eves Karydas’ latest music video, ‘Get Me So High’. To celebrate the release of her new track and its accompanying clip, she takes us behind the scenes of its creation.

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This is Shane, my on-screen boyfriend. My brief for his look and styling was, "Heath Ledger in the early 2000s." That kind of scruffy, slightly daggy but effortlessly cool thing he had going on.

Love this shot! Taken by Shane. Shane and I both had disposable cameras so most of the BTS photos you see are either by him or me. 

In all my life I'd never actually had a food fight until this day. Can confirm it was fun. Would definitely do again. 

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Get Me So High music video brought to you by lemonade (and I mean... a LOT of lemonade). 

Ah, yes... this was mid food fight AKA funnest moment of the entire shoot. 

These black and white scenes were a real treat for myself and Onil (director) to plan and shoot. I've been a longtime fan of David Lynch and because I wanted this clip to have some sinister elements it only made sense to use Lynch as a reference point. 

If you look closely in the video you might see my claw-like nails and think to yourself... 'How is she playing that guitar?' Let's just call it girl skillz.

Can a car be a superstar? I think this one is. We were on our last scene/set up here and I wish we had more time to shoot with it because it barely makes it into the clip. But that's okay I'll save it for the next video.