Empire Of The Sun Tease ‘Emergence Of A New Era’

25 March 2024 | 10:13 am | Mary Varvaris

Empire Of The Sun are teasing a “rebirth” and the “emergence of a new era” on social media. Are they finally coming back?

Empire Of The Sun

Empire Of The Sun (Source: Supplied)

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Empire Of The Sun look to be gearing up for a comeback, and fast, with the Australian electro-pop duo teasing a “rebirth” and the “emergence of a new era” on social media.

Last week, Empire Of The Sun wiped their social media accounts, changing their profile pictures and cover photos to black tiles. They quickly started hinting at something new called Changes, posting a new link in their bio to sign up for updates.

“We’ve re-opened communication Empyreans. Dial in via our bio; we have a lot to tell you,” Empire Of The Sun posted last week, along with a cryptic video featuring the group’s logo and instrumental music.

On Thursday, the duo – Nick Littlemore and Luke Steele – posted another video, this one with a new instrumental, a car driving along a dark alley, and two mysterious costumed figures behind it. They captioned the clip:

Our vessel.

Weaving through realms of imagination.

Traverse the mystical and unlock secrets that await within.

Find the link.

Yesterday (24 March), Empire Of The Sun shared a video of a lotus flower expanding out of the ground with another instrumental. The caption reads, “Behold the lotus, unfurling its petals in a graceful dance of rebirth. The emergence of a new era.”

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All the videos are accompanied by the hashtags #changes2024 and #empireofthesun. You can sign up for more updates from the band here.

In October, Empire Of The Sun and PNAU dropped their long-awaited collaboration, AEIOU, which features on the latter’s new album, Hyperbolic.

AEIOU is significant not only because it marks the first time Empire Of The Sun and PNAU have worked together but also because it signals Empire Of The Sun’s first new music in seven years.

At the beginning of 2023, Steele indicated it was the “perfect time” for the duo to return.

“I feel like this is the perfect time for Empire Of The Sun to come back,” Steele said in a The Music cover story interview.

“I think there’s always been tremendous love for this band,” Steele continued, recalling the moments during lockdown.

“I had so many calls, emails, messages and requests from people yearning for the songs and the music. There were a lot of testimonies about what they’d been through, you know, from people getting over cancer to getting married to giving them hope during moments of deep depression.

“It became quite evident that we had become conduits or ambassadors, and we have to honour that. This is the new era of Empire Of The Sun.”

If Empire Of The Sun do release new music this year, it’ll mark their first release since the 2019 single Chrysalis (as part of the 10th-anniversary edition of Walking On A Dream) and will follow their 2016 album, Two Vines.