Empire Of The Sun Announce Hotly Awaited New Album 'Ask That God'

17 May 2024 | 4:07 pm | Mary Varvaris

“'Ask That God' is an album we searched for and were thankfully blessed with.”

Empire Of The Sun

Empire Of The Sun (Credit: William Barrington-Binns)

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It’s official: Empire Of The Sun will return with their first album in nearly eight years this July, announcing Ask That God yesterday and dropping a new single, Music On The Radio, today.

“It has been a journey unlike any other that Empire Of The Sun has undertaken. We always ‘go there’ when it comes to exploration of both the self and the outside world,” the duo’s Nick Littlemore commented in a statement. “This body of work represents the greatest shift in consciousness our world has ever seen, and that’s reflected in the music.”

Singer Luke Steele added, “Ask That God is an album we searched for and were thankfully blessed with. We are nothing more than conduits, gathering experience and finding what is meant for the Empire to find.”

On the new single, Steele continued, “To me, this song is like a teenager rebelling against his imaginary emotions. It’s penned in only that unique way Lord Littlemore can bring words to life. The bass wraps its arms around you in some kind of hypnotic groove and you're powerless to its charms.”

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You can watch the music video for Music On The Radio below.

The announcement of Ask That God was preceded by the track Changes—their first single since 2019's Chrysalis (as part of the 10th-anniversary edition of Walking On A Dream). Their new album follows their 2016 album, Two Vines.

Ask That God will be released via EMI Australia on Friday, 26 July—you can pre-order/pre-save the album here.

Empire Of The Sun began teasing the “emergence of a new era” in March before dropping Changes last month.

Last February, Empire Of The Sun’s Luke Steele told The Music in a cover story that it was the “perfect time” for the duo to finally return.

“I think there’s always been tremendous love for this band… I had so many calls, emails, messages and requests from people yearning for the songs and the music,” Steele said. “There were a lot of testimonies about what they’d been through, from people getting over cancer to getting married to giving them hope during moments of deep depression.”

He continued, “It became quite evident that we had become conduits or ambassadors, and we have to honour that. This is the new era of Empire Of The Sun.” Indeed, it is.

Empire Of The Sun – Ask That God tracklist


Cherry Blossom

Music On The Radio

The Feeling You Get



Happy Like You


Wild World

Ask That God


Friends I Know