Dirty Three Aren't Even Sure About Their Hiatus Anymore

26 February 2016 | 3:21 pm | Staff Writer

"We’d love to get together, around then, to work on new music..."

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With legendary muso Warren Ellis announcing on stage at Sugar Mountain last month that Dirty Three would be putting the band "to bed for a while after tonight", during a recent interview with The Music, the band's Jim White confirmed the Melbourne band's time off wouldn't be that long after all.

"We’re playing in Finland in June or July, and have a couple of shows coming up mid-year," White confirmed of their gig plans.

He confirmed the band's desire to work on some new music around then too, but seemed unsure about the logistics of it all.

"We’d love to get together, around then, to work on new music, but it’ll all just be a matter of if we have the time. Beyond that, I really don’t know. That’s about it. I can’t really say anymore."

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The instrumental rockers have been playing music together since 1992, with Warren Ellis spending much of his time off from Dirty Three playing in Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. 

You can read the full interview with Jim White here