The Sunnyboys 'Willing' To Perform Beyond Dig It Up!

26 April 2012 | 3:53 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

Seminal Australian post-punk act The Sunnyboys may be willing to play together again after Dig It Up!.

Seminal Australian post-punk act The Sunnyboys may play again following their appearance at the Dig It Up! run of shows. The Hoodoo Gurus curated event was held across multiple venues in Melbourne and Sydney, where it had expanded line-ups, and on single stages in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, which it will visit this weekend

Today the festival's promoter, Tim Pittman of Feel Presents, told Your Daily SPA that not-so-surprise guests (they were added to Sydney's event as Kids In Dust) The Sunnyboys, who broke a 14 year hibernation to appear, may play again.

"As for playing again, there hasn't been that discussion, but there's some willingness there. No-one could have quite known how it was going to happen, until it happened," he said.  It was so mind-blowingly and overwhelmingly good that I think they're considering it."

For anything beyond that, such as recording, he said, "I can't see that happening in the immediate future."

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Pittman has been quite ill throughout the event and said, "My enjoyment has been reduced because of sickness, but people keep telling me that it's been great."

Crowd numbers are, "Certainly where they need to be, but there's room for a bit more."

The multi-room full line-up events in Melbourne and Sydney have been just ten percent below capacity, whereas the Brisbane leg, which has a smaller line-up, sold out in three days. "When you break out of that $70 bracket, people start to be more hesitant... It's the nature of the audience that they never take to new ideas too quickly... but that's allowed for," he said.

Having had such a strong year, he believes Dig It Up! is in a strong position to return next year. "I certainly do [think it will be back]. Quite how we do it, I'm not entirely sure." 

He hopes that once again, it can be curated by an artist like the Hoodoo Gurus.

"I'd like to, I enjoy doing things that way... I think the Hoodoo Gurus were the perfect host, they're a melting pot of great acts."