Death Bells Release Beautiful New Music Video For ‘Nothing Changes’

5 March 2018 | 11:25 am | Alex Sievers
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Director Sam Shepherd & Death Bells have brought 'Nothing Changes' to stunning visual life with the band's beautiful new music video.

Director Sam Shepherd & Death Bells have brought 'Nothing Changes' to stunning visual life with the band's beautiful new music video.

Last year, Sydney alternative sextet Death Bells released their damned solid debut LP, 'Standing On The Edge Of The World', and it featured many standout songs; from album opener 'Days', to it's killer lead single 'Only You', as well as the record's seventh song, the short but sweet 'Nothing Changes', and it's the latter that recently received the music video treatment.

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Director Sam Shepherd's well-shot, cinematic visual take on the brisk and upbeat post-punk tune is a very fitting music video for the track; it looks and feels how it sounds and it sounds how it looks and feels. As silly as it probably sounds, I personally like to create playlists on my phone for when I know I'm going to be heading out on a long-ass drive; thus picking out songs that I feel are best heard when out on the open road and all that kind of bollocks. And one of those songs that I'd always pick was the song in question here - 'Nothing Changes' - and I love seeing now that I wasn't the only one who viewed the gorgeous indie-pop track through that same lens too.

As for the 'Nothing Changes' film clip, it's a near-perfect marriage between the band's moody and emotive new-wave sound and the John Hughes-like film tropes of the video's dreamy yet uncaring and self-destructive male lead - portrayed wonderfully by Max Gersbach, with a killer "too-cool-too-care" look throughout - all visually matched to the song's underlying theme of freedom and frustration that comes with youth passing us by. Which is all backdropped by these utterly picturesque rural Australian landscapes as Gersbach cooly smokes, drinks alone, and rides his motorcycle through back dirt roads. Again, everything here just works so well together in tandem between the auditory and the visual, and I love it so.

Also, one other small but nonetheless cool thing about this new film clip I noticed is how this video repurposes a previous moonlight shoot that Gersbach took part in (see 0:38 for that little moment), which helps makes it all the more personal for the actor and model.

Be sure to check out the idyllic film clip for the banging 'Nothing Changes' below - it's a great watch!

'Standing At The Edge of The World' is out now via Funeral Party Records/Burning Rose - read my review of it here.