Dear Thursday, Please Comeback To Australia Soon

1 February 2017 | 6:42 pm | Alex Sievers
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Fingers crossed!

The first and last time that I saw Thursday live was on their farewell Australian tour in 2012, which acted as a part of that year's Soundwave Festival. It was a great set, one that showcased songs from each chapter of their career. But nothing could have stopped them walking off into the sunset back then. Because not long after that tour, the emotionally explosive post-hardcore band turned moody, atmospheric post-rock outfit was put to rest by its six members, and they all moved on with their lives.

Most notably, singer Geoff Rickly went on to work with all of the members of Lostprophets who aren't paedophiles and formed the terrifically noisy and surreal No Devotion, whose debut album 'Permanence'was a sensational record. One that showed where the sound of the singer's old band may have come to if the band hadn't of ended.

But like all great bands that break-up or in this case, go on hiatus, they will most likely rise from the ashes after only a few years away, in one form or another. Such is the case now with Thursday.

The famed group have just recently announced a string of American tour dates in March and April, their first full headline tour in six years, and, well...that's really it for now.There isn't much else to say here nor are there any other announcements or news yet being made on the subject, I'm afraid. However, this momentous

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There isn't much else to say here nor are there any other announcements or news yet being made on the subject, I'm afraid. However, this momentous Thursday reunion which seems to be in full swing has been growing for a while now. Their initial reunion was their performance at the 2016 Wrecking Ball Festival in Atlanta, in March of that year, followed by two festival shows in June and then a final 2016 show on December 30th. Since then, all's been rather quiet. Until this US tour announcement that is.

Of course, the band doesn't owe American audiences, Australian fans, or anyone else for that matter, a single fucking thing. Thursday did it their own way (well, maybe except for some parts of that 'War All The Time'/'A City By The Light Divided' era), they made their own musical decisions, and the fans, like the followers of any other band or artist, were just simply along for the ride - enjoying the music they created together. But I would be straight up lying to you if I said that this news doesn't make me giddy and incredibly excited for a returning Australian tour sometime soon. If it comes within this year, great! And if it's not until 2018 or after, then that's fine by me, as I can happily wait for such a grand occasion.

After all, this is motherfucking Thursday we are talking about here! Whether they bring out the deep 'Waiting' and 'Full Collapse' cuts like the song linked below, or even focus on the sorely underrated 'Common Existence' and 'No Devolución' material (both great albums that many fans quickly forgot about), you just know that that shit will be a tour to remember!

And hell, if that isn't doable, then can someone please just give me a fucking No Devotion headline tour already!