Daryl Braithwaite Joins Harry Styles For The Horses

5 March 2023 | 12:19 am | Staff Writer

It had to happen... Daryl Braithwaite joined Harry Styles in Sydney to perform his greatest hit

@ESNYSIVAN (Twitter)

@ESNYSIVAN (Twitter)

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He toyed with us in Perth and even had Daryl in the audience in Melbourne, but Sydney was the clincher for Harry Styles as his cover of The Horses got its ultimate airing with Daryl joining him on stage for a special duet at Accor Stadium. 

There's not many songs that can draw passion from an Aussie crowd more than The Horses and Harry clearly cottoned on to this early on his tour. If there's a mark of a musical icon, it's the ability to understand that the only thing better than one GOAT is two. 

The two artists have been playing hard to get with each other since Harry landed. First Daryl attended the Melbourne concert. Secondly he responded with a killer cover of Watermelon Sugar at his own gig, a shot across the bow of the One Direction superstar. Dazza even held up a sign "I had a ticket to see Harry, but picked you instead". 

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Tonight, nothing could stop their love affair, with Daryl heading onstage to perform with Harry in what will go down in history as a new high for The Horses, Rickie Lee Jones' song that has truly taken on a life of its own under Daryl Braithwaite's custodianship. 

“It’s our last show in Australia, so it only felt right to do something a little bit special. Please welcome, Mr Daryl Braithwaite!”

Harry bowed to Braithwaite before launching into the song. "He's a TimTam, he's a shoey, he's Vegemite.... He's Mr Daryl Braithwaite", Styles added. The ex-One Direction hitmatker has been a strong purveyor of Aussie culture, also embracing the Shoey on a number of occasions during his Australian tour. 

Harry finishes with Australia tonight before heading off to New Zealand. Let's hope he can pull out something equally iconic there. How about a version of Sway with Bic Runga?