Daniel Johns Sues Newspaper For Defamation After Brothel Story

20 September 2019 | 8:43 am | Staff Writer

"The article was simply untrue."

Daniel Johns has confirmed he is suing The Sunday Telegraph newspaper for defamation following a story regarding the Aussie singer's alleged visit to a Sydney brothel

The article, published last month, featured images of the Silverchair frontman allegedly leaving Chippendale BDSM brotel The Kastle, which Johns denied in a statement issued on Thursday afternoon.

"The article stated that I am there so frequently that it has become my second home, spending up to 18 hours a day there for the previous two weeks. Additionally, it was stated that staff and patrons were “fed up” with me, and I was full of venom and anger," Johns' statement reads.

"The article was simply untrue.

"No contact was made with me or my representatives to check the facts before the article was published."I have asked the newspaper for an apology and retraction. Neither has been provided."I have now issued legal proceedings in order to publicly correct the facts and vindicate my reputation."

Read the full statement below. 

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At the time of the article's publication, The Kastle tweeted that Johns "was not on the premises nor has been previously".