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Gear up, Dance Gavin Dance are about to "Pop Off!"

4 May 2022 | 9:25 am | Staff Writer
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New Dance Gavin Dance? We Stan. DGD are about to drop a new banger overnight - set a reminder. Rise Records have popped up a Youtube Premiere set for 1am AEST tomorrow morning titled "Pop Off!"

More Dance Gavin Dance More Dance Gavin Dance

At this point, it's unclear on whether it's a new videoclip or simply a stream video for the new song, either way, the track is from the forthcoming record, Jackpot Juicer, which, I mean, is quite possibly THE most Dance Gavin Dance album name ever. Pre-order now at 

The band have had to recently deal with the heartbreaking news that they'd lost their bassist and dear friend, Tim Feerick, but memorialised him at their 23rd April Swanfest show in Sacramento. The event was bittersweet as it came immediately in the aftermath of the news that the band had lost their dear friend and bassist, Tim Feerick, to whom the event was dedicated. Over 10,000 fans descended on Heart Health Park to join the band in celebrating Tim's life and exceptional musical talent. 

Vocalist Tilian Pearson was visibly emotional during the band's set at the festival - completely understandable and frankly, what a superhuman effort to play the show and honour Tim with the performance. We here at KYS send love to the whole DGD family.


Track Listing

1. Untitled 2
2. Cream Of The Crop
3. Synergy (Feat. Rob Damiani)
4. Holy Ghost Spirit
5. For The Jeers
6. Ember
7. Pop Off!
8. One Man's Cringe
9. Feels Bad Man
10. Die Another Day
11. Two Secret Weapons
12. Polka Dot Dobbins
13. Long Nights In Jail
14. Back On Deck
15. Current Events
16. Pray To God For Your Mother
17. Swallowed By Eternity
18.  Have A Great Life