Dan Deacon's America Plus A Free Track

1 June 2012 | 11:54 am | Celline Narinli

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America is the name of the new record for American composer and electronic musician Dan Deacon, set to be released on Friday 24 August.

The album encapsulates Deacon's touring experiences: from DIY venues to concert halls across the world, and taps into the themes of cultural identity and values.

The 30-year-old artist brings together ecstatic and celebratory sounds that carry darker thematic undercurrents, which aknowledge feelings of confusion and apocalyptic anxiety over corporatism and war. Musically, Deacon utlises much subtler textures, with an integration of acoustic timbres, including concert percussion, winds, brass and strings.

Deacon has a free track on offer off the new album, America. You can listen to his single, Lots, right here.

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