'We Will Make A Difference': New Organisation Launched To Support Industry Crew

28 October 2019 | 8:58 am | Staff Writer

"CrewCare will make a difference - with your help."

A new national organisation supporting the technical and backstage personnel in the live music industry, CrewCare, has launched today. 

The not-for-profit group, who organised the debut Roady4Roadies event earlier this year, aims to support "those who work or have worked in the Australian live music and entertainment scenes".

"A lot of crew are in financial, emotional and physical distress. A lot of them don't put their hand up. Their cries often go unheard - but not anymore," CrewCare co-founder Howard Freeman said.

"CrewCare will make a difference - with your help. Together we can, and we will, make a difference to this live music industry."

To support or donate to CrewCare, click here.

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CrewCare co-founder Tony Moran added, "Many of our top industry professionals, from all areas of the music business, are now working together to establish this.

"Agents, promoters, publicists, venues, labels, managers, artist ... the list goes on, all freely giving their time (and money), working alongside the best crew in the country... the best in the world!"