Community Cup Threatens To Derail Band, Vasco Era To The Rescue

27 June 2012 | 1:34 pm | Dan Condon

Money For Rope's Michael Cini broke his arm at the match, but luckily the band has found a fill-in.

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After Money For Rope bassist Michael Cini broke his arm at the drawn Community Cup footy match in Melbourne at the weekend, things were looking pretty grim for the band's forthcoming engagements, but thankfully they've been saved by a well known friend.

Ted O'Neil from The Vasco Era has put up his hand to come on board as the new bass player for the band and it's a good thing he has as the band have a shitload of shows lined up over the coming weeks.

After a mere 90 seconds on the field Cini took a tackle that left him with a broken arm. Given the break was so bad he required surgery where a metal plate was placed inside his arm, there was no way he was going to be able to play the upcoming dates with Kingswood and Damn Terran, but the show will go on with O'Neil offering tot ake his spot for the time being.