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Code Orange take their industrial-hardcore sound a step further on 'Swallowing The Rabbit Whole'

9 February 2020 | 6:23 pm | Alex Sievers
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Down you go...

Down the rabbit hole we go with new Code Orange. 

Code Orange have always been different than your average hardcore and metalcore band; darker, stranger, more experimental. That's very much been the case since their debut, 'Love Is Love // Return To Dust,' and 2015's solid sophomore, 'I Am King'; 2017's Grammy-nominated 'Forever' just amplified all of those aspects to be more apparent. And so far, it seems as though new album, 'Underneath' (out March 13th) is going to be Code Orange's most creative work yet if the visceral 'Swallowing The Rabbit Whole' is anything to go by.

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Meaty fight riffs, ominous computer sounds, weird samples, slicing dissonant lines, minor keys, four-part vocal attacks, double-time hardcore parts twisting into indomitable grooves - that rhythmic hit at 4:04 is a monster - make for a hard-as-fuck, dominating track. The kind that Code Orange is becoming increasingly known for. And as I theorized last month when the band released 'Underneath,' we have the reveal here that frontman Jami Morgan is now staying out front as their vocalist, no longer sitting behind the drum kit it seems. (The identity of Code Orange's new drummer is yet to be revealed, but expect that news to come out soon enough.)

The music video for this nightmarish new song, directed by Max Moore and written by Jami, is just as confronting; maintaining the recurring motifs of the bands 'I Am King' figure that's seen in their other film clips. With looped footage, shaky cameras, mixed in with silvery, translucent CGI figures, and lots of green-screen action, this video even creeps in the band's TOTH catchphrase - 'thinners of the herd.' All of this is to serve a single purpose: to continually push forward and evolve the American band's art, visuals, and their impressive industrial-hardcore sound. Mission accomplished!

Stare into your new god's soul: