Clive Palmer Dismisses Twisted Sister Lawsuit As Frontman Hits Back: 'I Will Bury You'

31 January 2019 | 9:27 am | Staff Writer

'Clive: Pick any arena son.'

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Clive Palmer has hit back at claims made by Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider who says their feud regarding the band's hit track, We're Not Gonna Take It, will be going to court. 

Earlier this month the US outfit demanded Palmer stop using a re-written version of the song in a TV campaign for the United Australia Party, to which Palmer responded by threatening his own lawsuit against the rockers.  

Appearing on Today this week to promote his Australian tour, Snider alleged Palmer put a request forward to his publishing company for the license of the 1984 song, but never paid the fee and used it anyway.

Palmer responded in a statement issued on Wednesday, saying Snider is "obviously still trying to gain notoriety so people will come to his concerts". 

"If Mr Snider thinks he has a case, then there is a court system to deal with such matters," the statement reads. 

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"I believe his legal advice has stated there is no merit in it, and he should not be misleading the Australian public."

Taking to Twitter shortly after, Snider blasted the United Australia Party leader, writing, "In my opinion [Palmer] is nothing but a low life, piece of kangaroo dung, criminal without an ounce of dignity!

"Clive: Pick any arena son and I will bury you!"

Snider's tour kicks off in Sydney tonight. For more details, click on theGuide or scroll down.