Christian Music Producer Sentenced To 31 Years In Prison For Murder

4 March 2016 | 5:14 pm | Staff Writer

"The murder of Levai is an offence of great heinousness."

Christian music producer Kodi James Maybir has been sentenced to at least 31-and-a-half years in prison for the 2013 murder of his girlfriend's seven-year-old son, Levai.

Maybir, who is also known by his rapper alias of Kopri, was accused of the murder in October last year following months of mental and physical abuse, which included hitting the child, as well as not allowing him to eat for months. 

The child was found dead in a unit in Sydney's south west in May, 2013, however it was revealed that a call to the ambulance was only made 24 hours after he fell unconscious. 

Though Maybir initially denied the claims, suggesting he was training the child to be a "soldier for Christ", he was found guilty of the murder in November. 

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As ABC reports, Justice Robert Allan Hulme said of the sentence, "The murder of Levai is an offence of great heinousness.

"Levai was subjected to cruel, degrading and inhumane treatment at the hands of Mr Maybir."

Prosecutors did push for a life sentence, however Hulme said, "...I am not satisfied that it is at the extremity that would require the imposition of a life sentence."

The exact cause of death of the child is yet to be determined, though an autopsy did reveal that he suffered head trauma. 

Maybir's girlfriend, Kayla James, is also serving a 10-year minimum sentence for manslaughter and gave evidence against Maybir at the trial, which included claims that she witnessed her boyfriend holding the unconscious child in his arms at the time of the assault.

James claimed she was told by Maybir after the boy's death, "He's in a better place now. He's with the angels," and "You didn't know Jesus until you met me. That was the only way I could help you."

Maybir will be eligible for parole in March 2045.