Chillinit Reveals His House Was Robbed: 'I'm Gonna Find You'

12 April 2023 | 11:08 am | Jessie Lynch

“My Rolex, two Cartiers have been stolen ... Someone's kicked in my door and actually robbed my house because they've stalked me because they're so f****g 101."

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

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Chillinit has issued an expletive-ridden warning to the thieves that robbed the home he shares with his wife and son while his family was on holiday.

After documenting his trip home on Tuesday, April 11, the rapper - real name Blake Turnell - took to social media to reveal that he had been the victim of theft, with the robbers nabbing his Rolex and Cartier watches, along with clothing and his child’s money box.

“I've come back home and unfortunately I've been robbed,” he began in a fiery video on Instagram Live.

“My Rolex, two Cartiers have been stolen .. Someone's kicked in my door and actually robbed my house because they've stalked me because they're so f****g 101, like, freaky on me.” 

“Can I just say to the person who robbed me of my watches, shout out to you because bro I'd probably f**k your mum's mum's mum's mum in a heartbeat and then within three songs, I'll buy three watches that you probably stole off me, so shout out to the c***s who robbed me.” 

He then challenged the thieves to return to his residence to face the music.

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“I want to shout you, out I'm back in my house now so if you really about that smoke come back tonight and come f*****g do something and I'll put a knife in your neck. If not, suck your boys' d***k and keep my watches bro, because I'm going to go make a bunch of songs, go make a bunch of money and buy three better watches.” 

“Do me a favour and like the broke junkie dogs dealing f***s you are go cry, cry me a river like JT.” 

He added, “Sorry, I've been holding her back but like f**k you, you know who you are. You robbed me by you know who you are. This is to you: F**k you. Come get me.”

The tirade against the thieves didn’t stop there, with Chillinit continuing to go in on the home invaders and telling fans to “screen record this because the more people that see this, the merrier.”

“Let me tell you if you're watching this … I hope that you and your family will die. Someone robbed my house, stole two of my watches, stole my baby's money and stole a bunch of clothes from my family.” 

“Someone kicked that door in right there and stalked me online and activated like the fact where my house is and has robbed me. So let me tell you something, the people watching this. I'm okay motherf****r!”

“I don’t talk to the Feds so you can count yourself a little happy f*****g day. I ain't gonna go to the cops. I ain't gonna do no snitching our idea but I'm going to find you little c**ksuckers, just so you know if you're watching this right now.” 

Chillinit concluded with a final warning to those who broke into his home, saying, “I'm gonna find you, brother. Don't think that you are safe bro.”

He also posted a lengthy message to his Story where he again condemned those who stole his family's belongings.

"Love me or hate me idc, no one should rob a man who just had a son and steal there [sic] son's money box for there [sic] child, you robbed an 8-week-old, not me."

"I'm eestwa, plus you missed half the sh*t, you maggots, let alone they're hard-earned watched you stole, I hope you feel proud."

He went on to say that "fans are in my DMSs", but even if the perpetrators aren't caught, the fact that his wife and son were safe was all that mattered.

"I'ma take this I'm my stride and show my son that in tough times men rise for their loved ones. Thank you to all the people already passing on info."

"Me and my wife appreciate the support while we mentally bounce back, I am proof that even in the toughest conditions nothing can break my spirit."

He concluded, "[As] long as my wife and son are safe. Money comes, money goes, it's family over everything."