Cher 'Never Liked' Her Singing Voice That Much

28 October 2023 | 9:15 am | Mary Varvaris

"I just never liked my voice that much. If I had my choice, I probably would have another one."

Cher @ Rod Laver Arena

Cher @ Rod Laver Arena (Credit: Jaz Meadows)

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Cher is the latest cover artist for Paper Magazine, and in the far-reaching, lengthy interview, the Believe singer revealed that she’s “not a Cher fan”.

“I just never liked my voice that much,” she admitted to the publication. “If I had my choice, I probably would have another one, but I didn’t get my choice. I got my mother’s voice.”

Calling her voice “weird” as it “doesn’t sound like a man” or a woman, but “somewhere in-between”, Cher continued to cite her “strange” style of singing, including her difficulty in holding R’s due to some trickier consonants.

After the interviewer, Justin Moran, asked if her successful career would make it easier to enjoy her iconic vocals, Cher responded, “I never liked it very much. I mean, people seem to like it, and I'm happy as a clam, but I wouldn't have picked it.

“I liked it on my mother, and it's definitely my mom's voice. My mom's is softer, mine is edgier — different, but the same, but I don't think I would have picked it.”

However, she’s pretty happy with her new Christmas album. “When I listen to it, I think this worked out,” she said. “I like this album.”

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Cher released her first album celebrating the festive season, Christmas, on 20 October via Warner Music Australia.

“I never say this about my own records, but I’m really proud of this one. It is one of the most amazing highlights of my career,” Cher said about Christmas, her first album in five years.

On Christmas, Cher was accompanied by an array of special guests, from surprising to old friends. The album was produced by her longtime collaborator, Mark Taylor (Believe, Burlesque OST, Closer To The Truth).

Stevie Wonder leads the list of special guest stars on the duet, What Christmas Means To Me, while Darlene Love joins Cher on Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). Home stars co-writer and duet partner Michael BubléTyga features on the unexpected collaboration Drop Top Sleigh Ride, and Cyndi Lauper shines on Put A Little Holiday In Your Heart.

You can listen to Christmas here.