Cannibal Corpse Reveal Brutal New Single 'Summoned For Sacrifice'

10 August 2023 | 1:19 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Cannibal Corpse's new single contains tempo changes that always keep the pit moving.

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse (Credit: Alex Morgan)

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When you see the band name Cannibal Corpse, you know what you’re getting in for: music that is not friendly.

Characterised by brutal chugging riffs and breakdowns and the indecipherable (in a good way) vocals of metal music’s biggest softie, GeorgeCorpsegringerFisher and melodic solos from lead and rhythm guitarists, Cannibal Corpse have retained their place as one of the most well-known death metal bands in the extreme music sphere.

On their new single, Summoned For Sacrifice, Cannibal Corpse give heavy music fans exactly what they want: tempo changes that always keep the pit moving and an ominous music video.

The gruesome new track, which features blood and gore in the music video you can watch below, has been described as “One person is randomly selected to die. Thirteen people are randomly selected to kill this person by violently removing pieces of his body until he breathes no more,” by drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz, per Consequence Of Sound.

Summoned For Sacrifice is the latest single from the band’s upcoming 16th album, Chaos Horrific, which arrives on Friday, 22 September, via Metal Blade Records. The album announcement came with the first single, Blood Blind, released in late June.

“To me, this album feels sort of like a continuation of [2021 album] Violence Unimagined,” bassist Alex Webster explained in a press release.

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“I believe that our songwriting has progressed in a manner where every song paves its own path, whether it's a straightforward or technical song,” guitarist Rob Barrett added. “Sometimes it's a mix of both, so there's no preconceived idea that we want to be more technical. The music just sort of takes its own course.”

Guitarist/producer Erik Rutan, who has produced six Cannibal Corpse albums, including their newest, said, “I never go into a record thinking about anything; I just let the writing flow freely with no limitations.

“But this time, I knew I wanted to push the envelope a bit in a different direction than Violence Unimagined; expand the dynamics, explore new territory without departing from what CANNIBAL CORPSE is and always shall be.”

Chaos Horrific is available to pre-order/pre-save as a digipak CD, deluxe box set, cassette and digital. You can pre-order/pre-save the album here.

To celebrate Christmas last year, Corpsegrinder spread some festive cheer with a 666% wholesome Instagram post that showed him holding armfuls of stuffed toys he was giving to charity.

In July, Cannibal Corpse were added to the McDonald’s Grimace’s Birthday Playlist alongside TikTok hits, classic tunes, and beside Lorna Shore and Mayhem. Who put that playlist together?