Bullet For My Valentine & Corey Taylor Surprise Margot Robbie During Radio One Interview

9 June 2023 | 2:48 pm | Mary Varvaris
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"Margot, this one's for you!"

Margot Robbie & Bullet For My Valentine

Margot Robbie & Bullet For My Valentine (Source: YouTube)

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Margot Robbie is one of our favourite metalheads. She has been for a while, but when she shut down Cate Blanchett’s bizarre line of questioning about “monster trucks” and whether people actually listen to heavy music, Robbie became an icon.

The renowned Slipknot fan and The Wolf Of Wall Street actress recently appeared on the Heart Rate Monitor segment with Nick Grimshaw on Radio One, and she received the treat of a lifetime.

Hooked on to an actual heart monitor throughout the segment, Grimshaw quizzed Robbie about her favourite things – chocolate, her friendship with Cara Delevingne, and of course, music.

"You're a big music fan! You love metal, don't you?” Grimshaw asked, before going a step further, “Who are some of your favourite bands?"

Robbie responded, "I mean, when I was young I was really into Metallica, I went to a Slipknot concert when I was younger, that was one of the best ones, but I was into, like, Thrice, Bullet For My Valentine..."

Grimshaw quickly interrupted – "Well, how much of a fan would you say are of Bullet For My Valentine?" Robbie, just as fast, answered that she’s a “big fan”.

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Cue Grimshaw showing Robbie Bullet For My Valentine’s concert in Saskatoon, Canada, where vocalist Matt Tuck dedicated the band’s biggest hit, Tears Don’t Fall, to the Birds Of Prey star. The shock was written all over her face as Tuck said, "Margot, this one's for you!"

Then, Grimshaw flicked over to a video message from none other than Robbie’s hero, Corey Taylor. "Hi Margot, it's Corey from Slipknot," he said. 

"Heard you were a massive fan, heard you came to see Slipknot a long time ago, and I just wanted to thank you, to say how chuffed I am about your success, it's really, really massive. If you ever want to come to another Slipknot show, just let us know!" 

Check out Robbie’s metal AF reactions below.

While Blanchett was shocked that Robbie is into Slipknot, maybe she should be more surprised that Slipknot fans are really into Nieghbours.

As Robbie told the stars on the couch on The Graham Norton Show earlier this year, the most she’s ever been recognised for her role in Neighbours was at a Slipknot concert.

“It was so unexpected and they were worried about all the characters and ‘is so-and-so’s baby okay?,’” she explained. “They were so invested in Neighbours and Slipknot.”