Brutal Touring Reality In Aus Artist's Heartbreaking Cancellation

1 August 2022 | 11:23 am | Dan Cribb

"We just couldn’t take the risk knowing we were too far in the red."

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Melody Pool has shared an unflinchingly honest account of the difficulties facing touring artists in the current COVID-impacted climate. 

Pool has posted a detailed explanation for the cancellation of a show in regional WA, and while some might gloss over a canned date with ‘unforeseen circumstances' at the forefront, the singer-songwriter’s statement is extremely candid.

“This show is being cancelled because it didn’t sell enough tickets for me to not lose -too- much money on it,” Pool stated, going on to reveal it is likely the worst-selling show she has possibly ever had.

“Even if people were planning on coming, but didn’t pre-purchase tickets - I’m sorry but it’s hard to take the risk when you are living week to week trying to continue touring and funneling most of your money back into shows,” she said.

“I’m so so sorry to the people who did buy tickets, I appreciate you so much. There wasn’t very many of you, and it would have been a beautiful show in a beautiful room, but we just couldn’t take the risk knowing we were too far in the red.

“I’m aware of how fortunate I am to be following a calling, and that it is a very stressful economic climate for everyone these days (and getting worse it seems), but if you love an artist, and you see they’re playing in your town, and you think you’ll just wait and purchase tickets later, please don’t. 

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“If we don’t see there are people coming, we don’t know if we’re able to do the show, and if venues can’t rely on us to bring people to their establishments, they will stop booking us, and this connection between each other that we all missed so much during 2020 & 2021, that is back now, will fade and dither and be lost again. 

“Music is important as we all learnt over those years, so get out there and support your favourite artists. It makes a HUGE difference to them, I promise you. Big love and apologies again to our Albany ticket buyers. I really hope to come back soon and be able to do a show for you.”

Unsurprisingly, Pool received an overwhelming outpouring of support from fans and other artists who are experiencing similar issues.

In a follow-up, she reiterated, “I don’t blame punters here.”

“I’m just trying to highlight the reality of the situation,” she added. “Small businesses are faced with competing with the FB/IG algorithm that purposefully buries promotional posts so we are forced to pay money (that we usually don’t have) to promote anything. 

“A perfect example is how this post about a gig cancellation has gotten more engagement than any promotional post from the entire tour. 

“A lot of us can’t afford to buy tickets or fork out money, so a great way to still support is to share your favourite artists gigs with your friends and help us get around the boulders we’re struggling to clamber over.”

Melody Pool wrapped her WA tour over the weekend; for all her upcoming shows, click here.

ALBANY CANCELLED. It really crushes me to announce this, and usually it would be some personal thing or a logistical...

Posted by Melody Pool on Thursday, July 28, 2022